April 2010 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

It started with the annual election of Macs officers: President: Pete Anderson, re-elected: Vice President: Carl Johnson, re-elected: Secretary: Linda Ray, new: and Treasurer: Helen Hansen, re-elected.

The meeting was then open for questions and discussions. A question for IWorks regarding a recipe format was discussed. A suggestion for more workshops on the Pages under IWorks was brought up. Also a member recomended a Website called “MacGourmet” for recording recipes of your own or from different websites, that seemed to be very useful.

Bill Jones, the creator of our new and great Website, brought his IPad to demonstrate the pro’s and con’s. Seems to be a great cross between the IPhone and the ITouch, without the phone or camera. Those who wanted had a chance to have some “hands on” time playing on his IPad. Thank you Bill for letting us get finger prints on your new toy.

Bill also gave us a great demonstration of logging on to our new site, and a Grand Tour of how it works. The site and having use of the forum will be so useful for everyone. Hopefully he will be kind enough to share more of the sites advantages next month.

The meeting closed with Carl Johnson showing more tricks with Photoshop. As usual a great time was had by all!

Sincerely yours, Linda Ray