May 2010 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

The meeting started out with questions and answers. A question about how to get your picture or a picture into the Avatar icon on the Macs web site came up. Our Vice President Carl got the answer started by having Bill Jones the creator of our new web site, to walk him though taking a picture of himself with the Macs Photo Booth. Then they went through the process of sizing it down small enough to use for the Avatar. That picture was then moved to the desk top for later use.

Also a question about how to find quick answers to questions we might have about a process using our Macs was asked. Carl showed us how easy it is to go to the Apple Support web site, typing your question in. There is an answer to just about anything you can think of. Aren’t Macs great….!

A brief explanation on email using the BCC, Blind Carbon Copy, as opposed to CC or even To, With the last two everyone you are sending to can see everyone else’s name. On the BCC each individual on your group list only sees his or her own name, not the whole group. This is very handy to know.

Another bit of knowledge came up for getting to the web site you want in a hurry. That is the use of “Top Sites” and how to set that up. Instead of always getting your home page, and then searching for the sites you need, when you set to Top Sites, a bulletin board of all your favorite sites come up and you just click on the one you need. So quick and easy.

A great demonstration of how to keep your Facebook safe and secure. When you are setting up the information don’t fill in any thing you don’t want the world to know. That is: you don’t need to fill in all the information questions just because they are there. It’s OK to leave some or all blank..

Finally, thanks again to Bill Jones for creating our Web Site, and for being here again tonight to go over more informative and fun ways to use our Site. Such as: Logging in to the forum, using the forum and entering into the dialog, adding new topics for information needed. And finally, what we had all been waiting for, adding that picture Carl saved to his desk top for his Avatar. We may need another go around with that….

As usual, the two hours went by way too fast. There are always so many interesting and fun things to learn about using the Mac, and always such fun and informative people at the meetings. If you missed it, please plan on being there for the next meeting in June.

Sincerely, Linda Ray, Secretary