June 2010 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

A lively dicussion opened the group with the new products from Apple. The new IPhone, and the long lists of people waiting to buy, or even order. It seems there are even longer lists of people wanting to upgrade from old to new that may have to wait until the first buying rush is calmed down. Also, talk about the new Mini-Mac, the benifits of, and what it can do for you and what it doesn’t do. Also some of the pro’s and con’s of the new features.

Next on the agenda, more interesting information on using PhotoShop or Elements. Carl gave a fun demonstration of using more of the tools available. Taking a picture of Steve Jobs from the internet and using a picture of Pete sitting at home in his office. Carl moved Steve’s head over Pete’s, did some adjusting and Boom, we had Steve sitting in Pete’s office at home. Next Carl took another picture and demonstrated how to erase part of the picture out altogether.. How fun is that..!!!!

Carl also went over reducing the size of a picture one more time for some of us new to working with photos, then moving it onto the avatar we have available to use on our Macs web page.

Speaking of our Macs web page….. our site has been updated. “New and Improved” as the saying goes. The new look is great and even more “user-friendly” If you had signed up before the update, you will need to sign up again. It only takes a minute, and then you can join the forums, ask questions that you may have, or post information you may have to share.

A suggestion was made to have details of demonstrations at our meetings, posted or listed a Pod Classes on our Web site. This would mean less note taking during the actual demonstraton, and giving us a great resource to refer back to on our Web site.

As a last note… A discussion on how important it is to go in and delete the cookies real often. They take up alot of space and could slow your system down.

Well, that is the high spots for this monthly gathering. As usual the time went by too fast. Hope to see you joun us next month.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary