August 2010 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…..

Our presentation by Carl Johnson was on Genealogy: doing research, gathering facts, choosing a formator spread sheet for your history. Also types of decisions to be made such as: bloodlines, marriages, (some first, some second, and do you want to include step children or half children of those unions) ,what type of format to use, as there are several to choose from. Also, how much information do you want to list? Some being, name, date of birth, birth place, marriage, marriage place, death, and death place.

Carl’s presentation included the program he uses which is “Reunion.” That is a purchased program, but seemed to be so easy and gave lots of choices on formating and information to input. Some other sites mentioned were “” and “” Carl has a long list of other sites, hopefully he will post that on our Macs Forum. Watch for that..

Our September 21st meeting will be about using and formating alternate back-up systems for the Mac. Some could be: external hard drive, Mac’s time machine, carbon copy, and the clone plan. You won’t want to miss this meeting.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary