September 2010 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

This month was another busy meeting, stressing “How much is your data worth?”, the importance of backing up your computer information.
First was the update of Pete’s Computer Care. Congratulations are in order, Pete has moved his business from his home to an official office. He is by the Garland Theater. The new address is at: 3919 N Monroe St., Spokane, Wa. 99205. The Phone is 509-209-7293. Hopefully, now, when he is at home he can actually enjoy being at home….Just Kidding. Congratulations Pete.

Next was a presentation by Jay Sorenson on backing up our computers using external hard drives or other online sites available, also, types of devices such as discs. Jay went over the advantage of using Macs Time Machine to load the information. He also showed several other: SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner, Carbonite and Mozy. Some are rebootable from the hard drive should your computer crash, or needs to be in for repair. You can Google “compare carbonite vs mozy” and get a great comparison. Thumb drives or Discs were talked about, and found great for more temporary backups. They have a shelf life, and normally don’t hold enough space.

Some of the hard drives that were mentioned were Macs Time Machine, Cisco, Western Digital. A good rule of thumb for size is 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of your computer hard drive. One good thing to look for on Hard Drives is the length of the warranty. The longer the warranty time, the better the chances are for a higher quality drive.

Jay did an excellent job expressing to all of us the importance of “Backing Up”. Please remember, if you need any form of backups at all, or any other computer needs, our Hosts here at Strong Solutions will have what you need. Come in and ask, they are bound to have what you need.

Finally, with my head spinning by the end of the evening,,.. We learned: no matter how you Backup, or what you use, the most important thing is ….To Do It! “How much is Your data worth?”

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary