April 2011 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

First on the agenda was an announcement that Shawn may no longer be with Strong Solutions. If so, we will miss him. Shawn was always so helpful, and happy to answer our questions and concerns. We wish him great success in his next venture.

A question came up about sending a document, and the receiver not being able to open it. A good “Tip” for that was to always “save as” , that will change the format to one that can be opened.

Another question came up about not wanting IPhoto to automatically open when plugging in your IPhone to download. “Tip” go to IPhoto preference, general tab, under connecting camera, change to “no application. You will need to go in and change back when you plug your camera in again.

It was suggested to always keep your computer updated. Go to “Apple” click on “Software Updates.”

Bill Jones gave a great presentation on how to add Windows to the Mac. using a program call VMFusion. A system that for about $80.00 you can purchase, that allows you to download your entire hard drive from your PC Windows to a folder on the Mac., and become a total computer inside your computer. All this contained in folder in your documents, if that is where you choose to put it. It does not become part of your hard drive. When it is opened, it is just as if you were on the desktop of your PC. It can not be interchanged into your Mac system. Folders and such stay separate, as, again, it is not part of your actual Mac system. It was suggested to be sure to delete all folders and games, stuff that you don’t really need, off your PC first, and do a Defragment to get your computer in order. We should all be doing that from time to time anyway. For those who use Windows all day at work and need to bring work home, this would really make life easier.

For next month, more information on “Tips” and “How To” in Pages.

Well that about did it. Please let us know if there is any topics you would like to have presented. See you at the next meeting.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary