July 2011 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting……

First, I would like to say Thanks, to all the Mac users for taking time during the summer months to keep coming to the meetings. We had a full house for July, with lots of good information for everyone.

On the agenda first is our question and answer time. First was a question about processing text. Recommended was a software called Bare Bones and Bare Bones edit. as well as Bento.

Someone had a question about a good information site for Mac users: Recommended: Mac Update, Mac Surfer, Pod Cast, For Mac Eyes only, Mac Most, Typical Mac User ( all .com) There is a great magazine called Mac Ilife. The currant Mac Ilife has an excellent article regarding the use of Automator, which was the topic of our last meeting.

Regarding Address book: It was brought up, that one can custom format most of the information fields. Click on Custom, and enter. Keep in mind that the custom fields do not transfer to the, IPhone. Another question was moving the address book of listings to another system such a Gmail. Click on the amount of names to move, click on export, click on VCard, saves in file, then go to Gmail and import.

Then as if that wasn’t enough information for one meeting, this meeting’s main topic was for everyone to bring a Tip or Trick to share with the group. So here goes. There were a lot, so I will try to be brief:

1.To shut down computer: Hold control key, click Eject, pop up menu will come up, pick Shut Down.

To print internet page or just read, with no advertisement: download “Readability”. Great tool to have.

Use the Time Machine to back up to a hard drive. Do often. Other systems, Super duper, Carbon Copy, Cloner, Crash plan. The last one is good for using several computers.

For Printing: Command, plus P, plus Return. Sends directly to the printer.
To Copy: Command C. To Paste: Command V

For Screen Shots: Shift, Command, 3. For full screen shot: Shift, Command, 4, space bar, that brings up small camera and you can move that between pages to screen shoot.

On Photo Shop, on Paint Brush, click on brackets next to the “P” on the keyboard, left bracket is smaller, right bracket is lager. A lot of systems use that trick as well.

Using Numbers for a spread sheet. You may not want to print all pages: click file, show print view, on the bottom, contents scale, slide to left or right (on the left, it will tell you how many pages).

Still on Numbers: When putting information in a column, and the name is wider than column, Go to the column heading, get double arrow, A double click will move the column to the widest name.

In Spotlight: type “kind:” and what ever ext. you are looking for (maybe “kind: pdf”) it will bring up all of those files.

In Spotlight: type a word, find dictionary on drop down, that will bring up a description of that word.

In Spotlight: if you are looking for a letter or document, you can’t remember where you put it: put an odd word from that letter in, and spotlight should find it.

Three rules you can’t break in word processing. 1. only use return key for paragraphs. 2. only use space bar once. 3. make indents or columns using function key, not the tab key.
If you have several windows open, and want to see them all, Hit F5, or use 4 fingers and drag down the touch pad.
Regarding orange button, top left, to move page to bottom: If you want some fun, and want it to go sloooow, hold the shift key down at the same time. Kids will love this trick..
Well as you can read, it was a very fun and informative meeting. You won’t want to miss the next one.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary