September 2011 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Our previous meeting on Tips and Tricks was so successful and informative, we decided to do that again. So here goes, to the best of my translation:

Under edit above, Tex substitution and Translation, Data Detection: will put a box around the date or address with a small drop down to ask if you want to add that to ICal, or Address Book.

An idea for copying, cutting or pasting. 1 click will put cursor on a single word, 2 clicks with underscore or blue out the word, 3 clicks will blue out the whole sentence. Makes for easy copying and pasting.

Another good suggestion for backing out of something, as in changing files, hit the “esc” key.

In a Web page, if you are looking for a certain word, put the word you are looking for in the Q box. Do “command Z” and that word will be highlighted everywhere it is listed on that page.

Another idea: Found in Google, “menupop mac” a good utility to download. Use “option Z” where ever your cursor is and a “finder” menu will pop up.

Also another good tool, to save web pages for reading later: Instapaper. This handy app gives you a Read Later bookmark. When you find something you want to read later, click “Read Later”. Then you can come back when you have time, or read your article on the go.

Need to find out the meaning of a word? Highlight the word, click, control, command D,this will bring up the dictionary of the word. Or, you can highlight the word, right click, click on dictionary, and it will come up.

And last, go to google, look up “sketch up”. A fun Walk Tool. Look it up, good to have.

Well, lots of fun, with lots of Tips and Tricks. Watch for the news letter from our meeting room host, Strong Solutions, that also has great Tips and Tricks. If you don’t get that, let them know to add you to their email list. Next meeting will be all about IMovies. See you then.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary