November 2011 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Since the election of a new President, Jay Sorenson, last month, this became his first month to officiate. Good Job, Well Done.

A question came up about the program “Clean My Mac”. Beware!! There is no reason or need to use on Snow Leopard or Lyon for cleaning Cache’s.

Also “Disk Warrior”. If using this on a “regular” basis, STOP. This could be worse than not using it at all. Only use when needed.

A question about which internet browsers to use. The most used today are Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

If you use Mint… you might want to look into iBank. It is developed for Mac by Mac. It has a free 30 day trial. If you like it and decide to purchase, Strong Solutions has it in stock, or you can download it online.

Our presentation for the evening was by Bill Jones, on understanding the iCloud. MobilMe users may be familiar with it already. It comes with the new IPhone 4S, and parts of it come with the new down load features from the IPhone 4, if you purchased that shortly before the the IPhone 4S came out..(Like myself. What was I thinking!!) Basically ICloud is a central repository area on Apple servers, or holding area, that can sync all your Mac devices between each other.. IPhone, IPad 2, and your Mac. So basically when you make a change or addition on one, it bounces to the Cloud, and back down to your other devices all wirelessly, for the most part. Bill gave us several demonstrations, some of which need the Lyon to use, but all are pretty amazing. For all the latest information, log on to, click on ICloud, the take the full tutorial. Our thanks to Bill for always providing us with such great information.

That concluded the November meeting. If you have any questions you need answers to, or information you want to share, please use our Forum here on this web site. There is always someone that will have an answer to help you, or a great idea to share back. See you December 20th for our end of year meeting. Hope everyone has a Great Holiday Season!

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary