October 2011 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

This month’s meeting had a full agenda. Top of the list was to elect new Club officers. Jay Sorenson was elected new President; Congratulations to you. The rest of the officers stayed the same: Vice President, Carl Johnson; Secretary, Linda Ray; Treasurer, Helen Hansen.

In regards to the presentations we have been having on Photoshop and editing photos, someone recommended a book by Robin Williams written on photoshop, that is a good buy on Amazon.com. Might want to check it out!

A suggestion for Facebook: you can turn off “find my friends” so unwanted “friends” stop showing up.

There was a question on Time Machine. If you want to set just what you want Time Machine to back up: go to Preferences, click on + sign, for add, then tell it what to exclude. If you have VMWare and if you are running windows, do not back that up.

Our program for the night was an excellent presentation by Bill Jones, on how easy it is to use iMovie. Well he made it look easy anyway! He walked us though choosing a theme or project, in turn creating a Template. Choosing the pictures needed, adding them to the project, also adding names or Tags to the pictures as needed. Then the final addition of music, to set just the right mood for your movie.

With a great presentation like that, we won’t have any excuse not to make some great movies from our upcoming Holidays pictures, to share with our families. Thanks Bill for sharing your knowledge. There are also some great tutorials on the Apple site under Support, Videos, iMovie.

Well, that made up a full and exciting evening. You won’t want to miss our November 15th meeting. There are always more exciting things to learn..

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary