April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Everyone has been so interested in learning all the new things about Lion, that it has been requested to just continue. So April’s meeting was all about the new things with Lyon Mac Mail.

As usual the meeting started out with questions and answers. One was concerning Keychain and passwords. Keychain will auto save most of your passwords, then you will need an administrator password to access the keychain. Might be a good idea to change that, to one of your picking that you will always remember. For outside your computer “1Password” was given as an excellent site to use. If you tend to use the same password for lots of sites, don’t use that one for Keychain or “1Password”, and especially not for FaceBook or those types of sites.. If you use online Banking, be sure that is different from the rest as well.

Another topic brought up was concerning the feature of “Find My Phone”. You will need to keep iPad or iPhone or computer on “auto connect to WiFi” in order to have it found.

On the iPhone, there are 2 speakers. Instead of speaking into the front speaker, turn the phone and use the speaker on the top of phone, and you will not get as much sound distraction. Good to know for Siri and Dragon.

If you are looking for extra virus protection for your Mac, Sophos was listed as very good and free for home use.

Jay gave another review on the OSX Lion Mac Mail. Several features to know about: Start by going to Preferences, and walking through all the categories. You will see all the fun things it will do. The first thing you will see is that the layout is different. Mail opens to the side similar to Outlook mail.

If you want to add another account such as Gmail to stream into Mac mail. Go to Mail, preferences, New account, when it asks for password , it will be wanting Gmail password. You will see that you no longer need to add all the smtp type info. It will pre fill for you.

Also, you can add invitations. If invited to a function ICal will auto open and ask if you want to add that to your calendar. Another useful thing is settings for RSS, although several members like “Reeder” better.

You can set different things for filtering Junk Mail. Also if you have several emails that are developing into a type of conversation. You can set that for a specific color, then when you open one, Mail will pull all of that same continued conversation to the side for you to just read those.

You can set “Rules” for sorting mail to separate mail boxes that you have created over on the left where the Inbox is.

There is so much Mail can do now, that Jay has agreed to continue next month. You won’t want to miss that. Maybe we will all be ready for Mountain Lion when it gets here. I just down loaded Lyon myself last week, so will have more fun following along with Jay.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary