March 2012 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Sorry this is so late, I thought I had done this already. The March meeting was a continuation of the February meeting. Jay Sorenson gave us more information and technics using the new Lyon system.

He went over a few things from last month: Mission Control takes the place of Spaces. The Dashboard can be set as one of the Spaces.

The “Get Info” shortcut is command I, a sidebar opens with file information. It can also act like an inspector file.

Next came information on using “Spotlight” Seems this handy utility does just about anything. It auto indexes everything on your machine when you first sign in on a new computer. It will do Google searches, calculating, to the powers, even square roots. It can search your contacts, or calendar events. Type the name of a picture, and it will search IPhoto. You can highlight and drag into a document. If you need to find where a file or folder is located, you can highlight an option on the drop down, do command option, at the bottom it will give you the path, file folder.

It can search in categories, such as pdf files. Type “kind:’ in front as in “kind:pdf” and that will bring up all the pdf files on your computer

One important change in Lyon is saving files. Lyon saves versions of files: after you save a file the first time, and need to do changes, Lyon auto saves consecutive versions that allow you to go back to each one, similar to “time machine”.

Jay had so many great changes to share I could only get a few of them down fast enough. Thanks Jay, for such a great job. See you all next meeting.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary