May 2012 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Jack, our host from Strong Solutions, came down, answered a lot of questions, and said he would keep us posted on new Mac items coming up. Also if you have updated to a new computer, and am not sure what to do with your old one, bring it in to Jack. He knows what to do with them.

Some of the questions asked to open our monthly meeting were:

Netflix compared to iTunes movies; The vote was Netflix is better. The iTunes app. for Netflix is a great one to download. Also if you are thinking about an AppleTV, the new one comes loaded with Netflix 9.00, stream all you want each month.

For a Document to go, for using the iPad, (same with Quick Office) use Apple Pages, (save as a document) or if you are just “Journaling” use Evernote App. or save to Drop Box or Sugar Sync.

The best way to keep iPhone, iPad, and your computer in Sync, if you have WiFi, is to change settings on your computer to never turn off, (it will still go into Sleep Mode) keep your Time Machine on, and iTunes up, and your Apple Toys will all stay synced together.

This was the last in a series on Mail in Lion, presented by Jay Sorenson. If you don’t like having the Mailboxes list, on the left: click the “hide” arrow and it will do just that. To show again, click again. Also you can drag up to nine of your “mail folders” up to the tool bar above mail for quick access. If you want to add other options to the tool bar, click on View on the very top tool bar, and pick and choose what is offered.

When sending a a new email, start typing in the To: and names previously used will start coming up. Then you can choose from that. Also under Windows, Previous Recipients, on the upper tool bar, you can select to “remove from list” or “add to list”. This is great to use if someone has changed their email address. Another good item to know is the envelope with the drop down arrow, on the left, under new emails, gives you an option to request certain reply backs.

And two last really great pieces of information: If you are in a document in a file, and find you need to email that, just drag it to the “email icon” down below. It will open a new email with the doc. attach. there for you. And if you are reading an email and there is an address or a date you need to save, just drag over it and click. It will open your address book or calendar book and save to it.

One more item I forget to use is the Stationery. One can use what is provided there, or you can create your own, save “as stationery” and it will save in your email stationery. How fun is that.

In closing, if you log on and read our web site, please send any questions you can think of or that you are needing help with. Someone will get back with an answer for you. If you haven’t been to one of our meetings, please come check us out. They are fun and informative, and Jack or his crew is always upstairs to supply any of your Apple needs. So until next month.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary