November 2012 MACS Meeting

Our next meeting will be:

Tues. November 20th, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Strong Solutions
1718 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA

Coming East or West, take the Altamont exit to Sprague Ave, turn left (West) onto Sprague and the store is a few blocks down on the South side. There are parking lots across the street or on street parking. Get Map


  1. Questions & Answers
  2. Questions about our website — Bill Jones
  3. Bill Jones will head up a discussion about changes that iOS6 and OXs 10.8.2 have brought to us and how to work around them.
    1. iCloud mail
    2. Loss of RSS feeds in Safari
    3. Loss of RSS feeds in Apple Mail
    4. Good substitue for RSS feeds
    5. Can’t play quick time videos in PhotoShop any more
    6. Setting up a VPN
  4. iPad Mini — Any bragging rights?

The classroom is downstairs at Strong Solutions. There is an overhead projector and tables to set your laptops on, plus there are plugs along the wall if you need back up power. They also have WiFi. You will be given the password at the time of the meeting.

You can also purchase items from the store before & after the meeting.

Jay & Carl