November 2012 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

I want to thank everyone that turned out for this November meeting so close to Thanksgiving. The meeting consisted of a lot of questions and answers, so it was a good time to solve any problem on using your Mac products. Bill Jones and Carl Johnson were both there to get answers and solutions for every one.

Among the questions was problems getting Quick Time to play videos in iPhoto. The problem ended up being out dated iPhoto. If that is your case, you can get an updated version at the App store. Be sure your system will allow the newer version. If not, another solution would be to drag the movie to your desk top, and it should play there. Not the best solution, but it works.

Someone else had a question about VPN, (virtual public network) That is what you are using when you are at a public place, Barns and Noble, or Starbucks. When you are logged in that type of public wifi, there is a possibility that the information could be pulled to someone else’s computer. In that situation everyone is using the same “cloud” of wifi, before you actually get to the internet. There are networks out there that offer protection for that, which encrypts your information before it gets to the internet. is one of those. It runs about $7.00 a month, if you want to check it out. (Just remember if you do that, then that site then has your information!) Just something to think about. You may never have that problem with public wifi sites.

The rest of the meeting was spent with everyone sharing information with each other is small groups.

I hope everyone found the meeting as informative as I did. See you in December,

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary