April 2013 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

The April meeting was all about Tips and Tricks. There were lots to share and all were great to learn about. Les Stephen passed out a sheet of keyboard shortcuts for navigating in word, and another one for navigating in iTunes. Lots of good information on those.

New things with “gmail” for those who use it: you and sort by name now, and also new for deleting, instead of clicking each individual one, you can “hover” over and delete page by page.

Some finger swipes to remember, 4 finger swipe will bring up all screens, 4 fingers sideways moves you to the next screen, 5 fingers pinches screen makes the screen disappear. (good if you are doing something private, and someone comes up to you.)

If you are in need of recovering deleted files, here are a few places you can use: www.cleverfiles.com, for recovering items off diet using “disk drill” from that site, macosxfilerecovery.com is another one.

Something good to know, in iPhoto, hold down command/option key. “Rebuild photo library” pops up. This has to do with the data base, not the library itself. So beware.

Jay Sorenson gave a short presentation of www.fatcatsoftware.com. This is an iPhoto Library Manager. This allows you to organize photos, create, add, brows, find duplicate photos, and rebuild a new library. Much more intricate than iPhotos itself. Some part of the system can be downloaded free, the full program is around $29.00. Seems to be will worth the money.

It was mentioned that it is a good idea to be slow to always do the updates. Always read them first. Being a little slow allows Apple to get any bugs worked out, and some systems you may not like as well as the old. For instance it seems a lot of users and not as happy with iTunes 11. and wish they had iTunes 10 back, with the exception of the the Apple TV users. If you miss the iTunes sidebar, you can go to “view” click “show sidebar’ to get it back.

Well, I know the summer months are coming up fast, and everyone will has lots of fun things to do. Please don’t forget the meetings, we have some fun things to share too. See you at the May meeting.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary