October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Hope everyone had a great summer, and what a beautiful summer it was weather wise. Now that fall is here and there is a chill in the air, let’s get back to learning new and updated information about all of Apple’s new technology.

Sorry I had to miss the first meeting in September, but this October meeting was full of great information. Such as:

The new iPhone 5 is out. Seems there are a few glitches in downloading the update for that. It was suggested if you don’t need it yet, you might want to wait until the 7.04 is out. Also Apple has come out with 2 versions, 5C which has colorful plastic type covers. Word is Apple has tried this before and those covers don’t seem to hold up as well as the metal covers. so use caution there, and then the 5S with all of the fun new features.

There was a question on printing, and the need to change the format to pdf, the answer was that Apple actually generates a pdf for you before it prints, so usually prints in pdf automatically.

It was suggested that “Mac World” online is a good source for tips and tricks. Also keep posted to “Strong Solutions'”,our host for our meetings, as Jack posts some great tips and tricks as well.

If you think your battery isn’t charging as long, or you are not getting a full charge on your iPad or iPhone, it was suggested to plug it in over night, use down all the way, and plug in again over night. This should reset the battery. This should only be done on a rare occasion, not constantly.

Also, has every one tried the new iTunes radio. It give you music choices depending on the genres you choose. Like Pandora, there is a commercial once in awhile, but if you sign up for Music Match, you won’t have to worry about the commercials.

To top the evening off, Bill gave a great demo on the iRadio, and all the really cool new features of the iPhone 5S. Thanks Bill for showing all the new fun things we can look forward to.

Have a great month and see you in November,

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary