November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

Here it is November, fall and winter is getting into full swing. Glad to see so many of you at the meeting this month. Lots of new gadgets out and lots of questions about all of them.

A question was raised about how to find out how much battery you might have on the Bluetooth mouse. Just click on the Bluetooth symbol on top of your screen, and you can navigate to see the battery left.

Bill gave a great showing of all the new advantages of the Mavericks (spelled with a “S” on the end) new update. Looks like Apple has weeded and pruned out what is under the hood, and added some new features that make using the new system kind of fun again. Here are just a few talked about:

On newer models, you will see a significant battery improvement, also better App Retention.

On Safari 7 or up, there are more “Top Sites” to show, and on the side bar, a new option called “The Reading List”, just bring up an article, drag to the list to save for later reading. There is also a link for “Shared Links” as well.

Some new features under Dictation. Go to Summary Preferences, Dictation and Speech, choose Diction On, Click Enchanted Dictation. This will let you record your dictation. Fun place to play around in, to see what you can do.

Regarding the Calendar, you will see a full year to scroll through, instead of month to month. Saves lots of clicking and time. Lots of fun features there as well.

There is a new iWork’s as well. If it doesn’t come up, you can log out of the Apple Store, close out. Go back and Sign In.

To get the new Mavericks, go to: System Preference, Apple Store, It is listed on the right. Click on Auto Download.

Want more information on all the newest?? Bill has agreed to give us more at the December meeting. Come check it out. See you there. Have a great Holiday Season, Thanksgiving and Christmas both.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary