September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Here’s the news from Tuesday’s meeting…

It’s fall again, Welcome back to our Mac Group Meetings. We hope you will come join us again, and bring all your questions you might have with all the new updates, and any information you might want to share to help the rest of us.

If anyone has the U2 music album that got downloaded awhile back, and would prefer not to have it, just google: delete U2 from iPhone6 (or whatever you have). Follow directions.

Under the new iTunes download, have you noticed the “For You” music? That is Apple’s answer to something similar to Pandora. You get the first 3 months free, and then 9.99 per month. You have access to everything piece of music in iTunes library to listen to. You can set your Genres, make playlists, all the normal things. The great thing is it runs through iCloud, and it can be streamed on all of your devices. Also if you want to purchase any of the music, you also have that opportunity. When you cancel the service it will disappear.

Under the “New” tab, that pulls the newest recordings up to the top, you can also search for your favorite artists.

Also, under “Radio” , pick your type of stations, genres, save for the future as well.

The new “Connect” gives you updates and information on all the new artists you have downloaded. (not quite like Facebook)

Don’t forget Siri, on iPad and iPhone, it works with music. Just try asking any question, like the most popular song of any year..

This just covers a small amount of the new stuff… Have fun with it, and bring all your questions and answers to the next meeting.

Sincerely, Linda, Secretary